About us

Created in 2013, our company is specialized in self-building Motorcycles and Vehicles prototypes.

Based in Eastern Europe, far away of all bigger poles or worldwide constructors, we decided to develop ourselves prototypes based on our passion and knowledge in mechanical design.

Starting alone by Sylvain ASSALIT with huge motivation, without budget, just ideas, our team was created step by step with ours mechanical engineers, body painters, welders, styling designers. Also, ours personal connections issued from ours past experiences in Industry Sector, complete our panel.

With our different point of view, we targeted to create something different from the mass market. Research and development on motorcycle variable frame, cars replica, re-creation or optimization from old models issued 30 or 50 years ago, give the opportunities to ours customers to drive some racing car prototypes or motorcycles modified at affordable prices. Built to procure pleasure and adrenaline sensation, ours customers don’t need to be professional drivers to feel good…

Ours projects are managed by the same way: starting from white page, based on hypothesis we create some hand design and schemas to check the technical feasibility. After come the 2D and 3D design on CAD computer, and follow the technical execution…..Tested by ourselves first, after by professional pilots and journalist-testers, we draw conclusions to improve ours models.

All of Us are speaking at least 2 languages….we can discuss in French, Spanish, English, German, Bulgarian, and if needed in Russian of course! Today, due to ours relevance and perseverance, people started to speak about us, in our region first, in the country now, and why not perhaps in the rest of world, next years….

Our company Prototypes & Special Machines is like our projects, starting from white page…



Born in Southwest France in 1974 year, issued from very modest family, Sylvain ASSALIT was always attracted by car and motorcycles. Riding for the first time a bicycle at 8 year old, he discovered a new freedom sensation…..Using bicycle every days to go to school including winter period, Sylvain oriented his choose on Motorcycle off road at 14 years old. But he should wait at 24 years old to be able to buy his first motorcycle by himself.

Learning the mechanics with his father on old family cars, Sylvain decided to study at technical college to complete his knowledge….until his final graduation as Mechanical Engineer. During this period, Sylvain was working during week-ends and summers to pay his university fees, and learning about the jobs that he won’t to make…

Starting his professional experience as young engineer in Automotive industry, working for bigger companies across the world, Sylvain occupied different positions: mechanical designer, engineer industrialization, project manager, engineering manager, new plant project manager, … to finally give his resignation after 18 years working hard,

In parallel of this professional period, during holidays, evenings or week-ends, Sylvain was trying to design & build some prototypes car replica and motorcycle by himself with some success and load disappointments. Also, from time to time, some trips off road motorcycle were realized….

At 39 years old, seeing the years past, he decided to work for himself. He created ‘Prototypes & Special Machines Ltd ‘, specialized on Car-Motorcycle prototypes without any budget and any official status. He created his company according his passion.

After several difficult years, success starting to happen, Sylvain decided to continue the adventure….

 ‘ The most important is to be ourselves, knowing where we want to go, living our life and ours passions, but never forget where we come from….keeping our feet on the ground floor, whatever our job and our social position.…’