Prototype 1
Motorcycle Off Road Modifications - 600 cm3

Based on XT600 from 1988 year, 2KF version, we decided to create a motorcycle with variable caster angle.

This bike was not created to win a DAKAR, but to validate a new technical solution never tried: the variation of the caster angle while driving.

In manual or automatic mode indexed on the speed, the caster angle of this prototype can vary from 22 Degrees to 29 Degrees. 

Thus the driver can adapt the handling of the bike according to his choice and not the opposite. Functional and tested successfully, impressive for its high-speed stability, it is the opposite of 21-inch front-wheel sway and vibrations.

No sagging or dive under braking including emergency, the bike remains guided on the road as on a rail. Tried on dried tracks and some cross roads, its stability remains equal to that encountered on the asphalt. Thanks to this bike, we relearned to ride. We did not expect such good results .....

Prototype 2
Formula 3 Replica - Sitting Position

We dreamed to create a Formula 3 from the years 1965-69. But the original driving lying position did not suit us. So we redesign the chassis for a sitting ride.

100 hp, 670 Kg empty, and of course a bucket seat: here is a formula 3 retro type, but created with current components.

Thanks to its spacious living space, drivers of all sizes can easily install in this car. Designed for non-professional drivers and beginners, this replica will surprise you with its ease of driving and stability.

With a ratio of 7.5 to 8 kg / hp ( Gasoline and pilot included ), the acceleration of this racing car will be enough to increase your heart rate ... Adrenaline guaranteed!

Prototype 3
Lotus Seven Replica with BMW Engine

Project under Construction

Still under construction, this Replica Lotus Seven frame has a BMW 114 Hp engine from 318i model.

A new external body is currently in design phase. We hope to present it to you in 2019.

Thank you for patience.