PSM Cars
Replica and Creations

A good start !

Dedicated to non-professional pilots, ours cars prototypes are simple to drive. Based on tubular frames, and normal power engine, the pilot will discover new sensations quickly.

Our team designs, executes and mounts all parts of the car: Frame, Suspensions Arms, Row bars…. Others components like tires, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers, seats, belts…. are issued from Official Racing Sealers. Thereby, the customers can choose theirs configurations according his wishes.

To be accessible to everybody, we decided to build ours cars with second hand engine, issued from Mass Productions. Ours teams recovers noble’s components from a car, and they equip our frame. This is why you don’t need to be a professional driver to enjoy our vehicles.

By this way, using our cars on racing track, young talents can be discovered or an old passion can reappear!

Our company gives to our customers the opportunity to drive a real sport car….Let’s say on different word : 670 Kg total weight, 100 Horse Power engine, and 200 Km/h maximum ( 125 mph ) it is good base to start !