PSM Motorcycles
Variable Frame Motorcycle

Long Travel & Off-Road

Long trails around the world, without limits, no constraints, using our tires on gravel, mud and hearth only for pleasure to discover distant landscapes……. from salvage steppes to arid Mexican deserts passing the Balkan Mountains, we saw ours motorcycles go to theirs limits…..ourselves also…..

Extra weight, difficult maneuverability due to the baggage, dangerous loss of grip when wet route, static body posture stiffens all muscles, back and legs ... after several thousand kilometers, unable to get back on the bike after a short coffee-break…, all experienced riders know these effects….

This is why we started to think different about motorcycles. Our target was not to win the first pole position, not to win few milliseconds each turn, but to ride in safe conditions the furthest possible… How to improve motorcycles? How to have a comfortable position, riding long time without any fatigue, without any body stress? How to adjust the frame geometry in front of different situations, different roads or terrains….?

By the passion, and willingness to change, we decided to create a motorcycle with variable frame, able to adapt itself to the driver wishes and to the land on which evolves the bike. Never done before, this solution gives a great possibility to the rider: to choose his way of driving and not the contrary, to suffer the adverse effects of a fixed geometry. By the variable frame, the rider body is moving slowly and avoids muscle stress on long roads.

This is the concept that we developed.

Today, solution is still on off road prototype, but we can adjust and adapt it on all type of motorcycle (speed, chopper, café racer, road travelling..), we have enough experiences now to modify all motorcycles.

A second prototype is under construction. This one will represent the synthesis of all our ideas .... we hope to present it to you soon.